Timestamp conversion in excel using uipath

Hi all… One formula is being used in excel :
(C2+76060)/86400+ Date(1970,1,1)
How to implement this in uipath? Here C2 is the cell number.
Please help.

Hi @Ananya_Ghosal,

If any formula is working fine in excel then, you can simply write cell it, between 2 double quotes e.g—> "=(A1+B1)" to work as a string in uipath, and then it’ll work as a formula in excel.

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@samir: You mean to say, “(C2+7 60 60)/86400+ Date(1970,1,1)” like this?

@Ananya_Ghosal, try it no, I feel = is missing there…

if this works in excel, then it’ll definitely work using write cell

with range specifying cell location.
try this

with =

UiPath is not taking this value in write cell.

hey, @Ananya_Ghosal you should use write cell not write range and inside Excel Application Scope
like this

You are writing 76060 as 76060?

Thanks for the solution @samir :slight_smile:
It’s working fine. used the below snippet:

Glad to help. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: @Ananya_Ghosal

@samir: One more question is, how do I implement this for all the rows? in that case I have to change the cell index 2. If I assign a counter. How to implement this?

@Ananya_Ghosal You can use the counter though but there’s one activity, Auto Fill Range be more reliable option here. It takes the formula from defined cell and apply it on specified range.
to know more about this activity, follow the link below,

here’e one eaxample.

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@samir: Thanks. Will try this. Yes, auto fill range is more fruitful.

Hi @samir,

Facing one more challenge today:

I want to divide all the cell values of an excel sheet by (1024*1024), i.e. dividing twice with 1024. I was using like this:
row(“create_pdp_success_ratio”) = (Convert.ToDecimal(Convert.ToDecimal(row(“create_pdp_success_ratio”).ToString)/1024)).ToString("#.00")

In an assign activity. But that is throwing runtime error. How to accomplish this?