How to write Excel formula in Uipath

I need to write a code for below formula

294 is cell range

I write below code: but it is not working

Cell index holding cell range value ex:294

But above code is not working. Providing wrong value as output

Hi @BNK, I hope you are doing well.
For your problem in excel i do not think anything is AB294.
It should either be A294 or B294 where A or B are the column name and 294 is row number.

I think if you correct that you will get your desired output.

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta

Hello @BNK ,

To get the correct result make sure you have used the brackets at the correct places so that it can execute right opeartions

Also for your reference i have given an example of how to use the formula here below :



Hope it helps!


Hey @BNK Please provide the cell value as (“=(AB”+Cellindex.ToString+“-AC”+Cellindex.ToString)+“)*AD”+Cellindex.ToString+“/100”.
It will work.
Thanks and Regards.

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