Excel formula not working

Hi Community,

I am using the below code to pop the value in excel

But the value after writing the data in excel I am getting is below

Could any one here help me out

can you upload your .xaml file and excel file here

Hi Jack.chan,

Since it’s a restricted project I can not upload excel.

manually fill in the formula in cells AK2 and AL2
then use autofill range activity in uipath to drag formulas down

Hi Jack,

I am using the assign value and writing it to excel in last.

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Also the formula which I want to implement is below


It contains a division of two columns


I think your target cell’s format might be set as Text. So can you try to set cell’s format as General manually in advance, or set it using FormatCell activity as the following?


I am writing the data in a different sheet.
But the column type in General.
Also when I am using Text to column feature of excel it is converted into the desired format.


If possible, can you share your workflow and workbook as file? It’s no problem if dummy workflow/data which can be reproduced the matter.


Can you let me know
How can i change the column type to Percentage ?


Do you mean column of Excel? How about FormatCells activity?



I am using Uipath 20.10.10
It does not contain such activity


Unfortunately I cannot use v20.10.10, but can you try the following for now?

Turn On “ShowStudioX” ( or “ShowModern”) at Filter in Activity Panel, then check if there is “FormatCells” activity.

If there isn’t, upgrade Excel package to the latest stable version from ManagePackage, then check it again.


yes I can see the format cell activity now
But how can i provide the range ?

getting above error


it’s necessary to use inside UseExcelFile and set it as the following.


If you are using assign activity to assign the formula and writing into excel using write range, just don’t use write range for workbook. Use write range of excel it will write text as formula on excel.

I think i have got the solution!!!

UiPath Marketplace

Easy DataTable Activities - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

The custom activities provide you to convert the data type, convert the dictionary to datatable and show the datatable values with column type.

Please download the above package i mentioned, It has the activity called “Change Column Type”

After installing the package, Please drag and drop that activity and pass in the input data table to which the column type want to be changed and pass Column Index like {0,1,2,3}, If you want every column’s type to be changes mention every column index!! and Specify a Data table in output property and use it for merging!! You are done!!!

Thanks for the reply
I was able to write the formula using excel application scope
now can you tell me, How can I remove those formulas because Uipath is not able to able to read it as a value.

If you are reading the file again after applying formulae, use read range of workbook activities it will read your cell as a value not formula