Timeout increase for a specific project

Hi Guys
I have just started my uipath journey and wanted to automate a website
Basically website is slow and 30 sec of each activity is not sufficient, Hence I am editting each activity timeout

So question here is any method we can edit all in one shot for this project

Many thanks in advance

Hi @Tesla_Ryan

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Yes we can achieve this in few simple steps

Go To Project-> Settings icon →

kindly refer below

Hope this helps

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Hi @Tesla_Ryan

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You can have a Variable or an Argument of type Integer with the Time Out Seconds you wish to and pass the variable or an Argument to the Activity , timeout property.


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Forgot to add a point u can see classic and modern

so if at all you are using classic select uiautomation classic and edit time out accordingly


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Thanks @nikhil.girish

This is what I was expecting

Thanks @suraj.setty for your reply


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for modern activities you have to increase the “Run value” in seconds

for classic activites you have to increase also the run value but in miliseconds

if you are using the both activites you would increase both values, else increase the value to the corresponding activity.

Also you can increase the timeout in each activity (this one is recommended if your browser activities are few) so the entire project will be not affected from this delay.


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Thanks @fernando_zuluaga

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