Default Time of Activities

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Activities Have Default Time?if yes How to change that Time?

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Good evening Krishnareddy,

Are you referring to the timeout property?

Create an int32 variable named int_time and set the amount of time you want in milliseconds. Place that variable in all the activity TimeoutMS property.

You could also enter that value in the config file (on the constants tab) and retrieve the variable and value from the config file as a dictionary key value pair using the same functionality as the REFramework.

Credit for this answer goes to @Palaniyappan :

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Fine usually TIMEOUT property has a default value of 30 seconds which is always good enough to keep with
But if we want to make the bot to restrict in finding a element within certain TimeSpan then only we need to think about using a variable in Timeout property or even we can increase the TimSpan if we want

Usually Timeout property takes value in milliseconds in integer format so we can either create a variable in the variable panel with a variable named int_TimeOut of type int32 and we can set value as 60000 which means one minute

—I would suggest to go for config file instead of defining this variable in a variable panel and the reason is if we want to change the value then we don’t need to open the xaml file each time rather we can make the changes In the excel itself

Simple isn’t it
Hope this would help you
Cheers @krishnareddy

Aah @jitendra_123
Delay before or Delay after is different from Timeout property buddy
The difference is Delay before or after will wait for the given time before or after EXECUTING THAT PARTICULAR ACTIVITY while Timeout property is something while executing the process that is the activity will wait for that much time to get executed completely

Like if we have now 3000 milliseconds in Delay after and 60000 in Timeout then if the activity finds any difficulty in identifying the element it will wait till the time span mentioned in the Timeout property that is 1 min and then it will wait for 3 more seconds as we have mentioned delay after property with some value

Cheers @jitendra_123


Thanks @Palaniyappan for the response
but Timeout Property is not available to every activity right…
how can we change?that default time have all activities?