Automation slow because of timeout

Hi i am designing a project which has alot of conditional features,
for example, i have to enter url, which has a dynamic Box, whos text changes everytime depending upon what i choose,

so i have to chosen a selector to cater it, however, because of alot of if statements involved, i have to wait for the “continue on error” part to complete, i have reduced its timeout to 0, but eventhen it takes 30sec,+ until it moves onto the next activity:

Can someone please help me, in accelerating this process, my whole program takes ages to complete.


Set TimeOut to 1000 or 2000 and then check once.

@Mystical_Devices Are you sure at this activity it is taking 30 sec to wait. I guess it will not wait until that time since you have given the time out as 0. Can you run in the debug mode and check once, exactly at which activity it is waiting for too long

the TimeOut activity is in Sec

My goal is to reduce this time of " continue on error" i dont want uipath to take alot of time before skipping on an activity, this results is a much longer delay

How to increase the speed of the automation, can i do anything?


Then just mention 1 or 2 sec. And also what value did you set to WaitForReady property ?

i cant find it, please indicate

Hi, can anyone help pleasE?

This indicates that your code may be poorly written. Show us what you’re doing and explain your goal.