Time and queue trigger issues

I have Two process 1.Dispatcher 2.performer
I have deployed it in my Orchestrator cloude becasue i have comunity edition.
Then i did Time trigger for dispatcher and when time trigger is run that time its create 4 inquiry number like 123 , 432, 232, 231.
but i did another queue trigger, like when new queue available that time with performer its run but i have issue like queue trigger not execute all the queue item.its run only one time insted of 4.
i need this type reuirement like when time trigger start that time create queue like 4 queue so, after dispatcher finish queue trigger on and its run with all the 4 queue i mean its run 4 time.

so can you say which setting i needed

Hi @Ravi_Dholariya ,

Could you let us know How is the Performer created ? Is it an RE-Framework with the Get Transaction Item activity being present in the Get Transaction State ?

If not then your workflow needs to be remodelled into that manner, or introduced a looping mechanism into the already existing one with Get Transaction item Activity.

Let us know if it already is in the RE-Framework model as mentioned and if so could you provide us a Screenshot of the Get Transaction State workflow ?

We could analyse from that point forwards on how it is configured.

No i have not used REframework for workflow so can you say can i edit it? like i have already did dispatcher with sequence workflow and i need to add REframework so it is possible?if yes then please say me which type.

@Ravi_Dholariya ,

Try creating a new RE-Framework and configure it’s settings like Queue Name to match with you have created and check it’s execution in Debug Mode. You should be able to add the required activities as you did with the sequential workflow.

The activities that you would require to perform considering each Queue Item needs to be added in the Process State of the RE-Framework.

Maybe the following video tutorial would help you :

Let us know if you still facing issues and let us know exactly at what stages.

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