Trigger the process from orchestrator after queue dispatcher success

I have a complex use case. i want to use orchestrator queues and RE framework.
process will be scheduled to run every 1 hour. and the queue items changes every time.

I should run my queue dispatcher to enqueue new queueitems each time. after the sucessful run of enque dispatcher immediately i want to start executing the main process that consumes the queue items.

What is the best way to trigger or chain the processes, queue dispatcher ā†’ main process.


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Hi @Gowtham_M,
Before the end of the dispatcher process, use a Start Job activity to trigger the Performer process


Hi @Gowtham_M

It is a good question, there are may ways of doing this, and I also came across this same situation and I did some research on it. The two best ways I found was as follows.

  1. Have the dispatcher and peformer as two workflow solutions (you already have it), and have a separate workflow as the control workflow which invokes these two jobs that you have in the Orchestrator. You only schedule the control workflow. Once it runs, it invokes the two jobs in the orchestrator with a slight delay between the two and those two takes the next turns :slight_smile:
    I have already implemented this approach and I have shared the solution in the below post.

Here I have a sample workflow which you can try out :slight_smile:

  1. The next one is, to use the Enhanced REFramework to handle the two dispatcher and performer solutions. This one is bit complex that the first. But it is worth going through it. You can find a good description on how to do this in this same post of mine if you scroll down a bit. I am also currently doing some research on how to incorporate the above to this enhanced framework.

However, the first option I gave here is tried and tested which is working perfectly fine and it is the easiest and the best as per now. :slight_smile:

Let know whether this helps