Create multiple queue triggers to run a single process

I have a Dispatcher process(D) which will add items to two queues X and Y.

I have created two triggers X_Trigger and Y_Trigger. Both has the ‘Process Name’ property to be executed as Performer(P).
Dispatcher runs well and fill in the queues X and Y.
But the queue trigger runs only one job which has the source as X_Trigger.
Job Related to Y_Trigger is not executing.

Can anyone please help on how to process both queue’s queue items using the queue trigger.



Check below documentation

In that Check Queued Jobs Scenarios

Hope this may help you


Hi @Srini84 , I have checked the above documentation and could find out any scenario which runs same process using multiple triggers. Could you please highlight if any.




Which is used to store the data like Text,Int,Boolean and credentials. You can create as many as you want. for this you need to Login to the Orchestrator.

Navigate to the Workflow Folder->Queues->Create new queue->Select the type like (Text,Int,Boolean and Credential). You can create as many as you want.

FYI: About Queues


Triggers are used to Schedule your process at what time the process should need to trigger.
You can Trigger your process by following the steps below

Navigate to the Workflow Folder->Triggers->Create new Trigger->And chose the time at what time it needs to run.

You can also use crone expression trigger the bot to run.

FYI: Managing Triggers


Hi Nani,

Thanks for your response. You have mentioned about time triggers which is not corelated with queues. I am asking about queue triggers which is present in the Uipath orchestrator which triggers a job when a new item is added to the queue.


The limitation is most likely that the trigger for queue y is started, but not executed because the process (for queue x) is already running.

A solution: make 2 processes. One for each queue. The processes are linked to the same script package of course.

Thanks for your response. I have tried your approach and it works as expected. Marking it as solved.

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