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We want a tick icon to be placed against each ( bot) row, kind of status for each row saying it is successful with a tick icon. We are creating a mail to be sent for each task the bot is completing with a dedicated column of Tick and Crosses ( using capital X ). But for Tick icon i am not finding anything.

Let me know if we can achieve the tick icon like in word/excel with Font Wingdings, “ALT+0252”

To enter a tick mark in the email. Create a shortcut key for tick symbol and use send hot keys to insert the tick symbol.

How to add a shortcut key:

  1. Open a new email
  2. Go to Insert → Symbols → More Symbols

  1. Look for tick symbol and assign a shortcut key

I have already added a shortcut key Alt+Ctrl+T

  1. Close everything.

Now, you can use send hot keys activity to insert a tick symbol in the email.

Karthik Byggari


I want to put the tick mark in green color column. The box is created using HTML text.

How you are creating the body of the email?
I mean the table that you are showing…

Hi @KarthikByggari ,
we are creating the html text from data table with elements on it.

here is how the sample html text

here , isBodyhtml box is checked while sending mail.

Here you go -

Hi @KarthikByggari

Thank You. It’s working Fine.


We need the codes for symbols ! and X as well like how you gave for Tick :heavy_check_mark:. Is there any source we can get the character set for any symbol.


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Please find all the codes here -

Please mark my previous post as solution.

Karthik Byggari


Thanks for your help

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