Get different symbols from changing cells of a Webtable and paste expressions to Excel

Hello guys - I’m new to forum and UI Path. I am also supposed to learn it for my enterprise.
Currently I’m stuck on a project and I hope u can help me out. So here is the problem:

I have a Website that compares different companies offers on insurances and stuff like this. After giving a considerable amount of input (I’ve already automated that) you get a big “Webtable” where the four best companies are listed. The cells in the Webtable look like following:

I’ve cut the first line of the table here, there would the names of the companies be listed. And it goes on further below.

What i basically want to do is not that hard to explain, after giving input and receiving this table, the bot should write it to a defined excel-sheet.
I am able to write the Webtable itself from a datatable to an excel-sheet (Already automated and formatted => deleting rows, putting variables as headers etc.).
I am able to differentiate between the ‘red crosses’ the ‘green checkmarks’ and also the rarely occuring ‘yellow checkmarks’ via find children activity.

My problem is, that the red, green and yellow symbols (of course) cant get written into excel that easily. So I’m searching for a way to put in expressions corresponding to the three types of symbols for the meanwhile blank spaces in the excel after reading it.

I am trying the following after receiving the datatable (It needs to loop through each cell and find the empty ones, then write into those):
=> For each row in datatable: For Each CURRENTROW in DT
=> For each: COL in DT.COLUMNS
=> If: Condition: String.IsNullOrEmpty(CurrentRow(1).ToString)
=> Write Cell
Write “Yes” in "CurrentRow(Col.ColumnName)

Note: I just tried with Write “Yes” for now, so that i can see, if the blank Cells will get filled with any expression. Later on i need to fill in “No” for the red Marks and “Yes” for the Green and Yellow marks.

I would be already happy if it can put “Yes” into every cell that remains empty (where the symbols would be in the Webtable). As it is dynamic for each time you ask the Website it’s possibly a bit too hard for me to handle already as i originally did not learn programming or anything like that.

Unfortunately i cannot pass you the xaml as it got some sensitive data.
I will read again on Monday and will be looking forward to you guys.

Thanks in advance.


looks like you sorted everything out…what issue or where exactly you need help?



Thank you for your response, I will try to explain a bit clearer.

With the mentioned ‘For each row in DT > For each > If > Write cell’ my bot wrote yes into every single cell of column 1 instead of every EMPTY one. So it kind of misses the ‘String.IsNullOrEmpty’. Or something else happens to disturb it from working properly. I tried changing the configuration a bit but then it seems to get errors.

Also i need to expand it from only column ‘1’ to loop over all columns in the table, where it won’t accept something like “String.IsNullOrEmpty(CurrentRow(1;2;3;4).ToString)”. Probably something like “String.IsNullOrEmpty(CurrentRow(1).ToString) OR String.IsNullOrEmpty(CurrentRow(2).ToString) OR etc.” would work here without changing the meaning of my If-condition? Would i need “AND” instead of “OR”?

After changing around a bit it looks like this:

If i could solve that, then with some Assign-Activities i could make the bot write ‘no’ or ‘yes’ corresponding to the symbols on the website and i would be really happy :smiley:

Cheers, Phil