Throw Business Exception

In my REFramework, Process I am evaluating an if condition and throwing a Business Rule Exception. This Process is in a Try Catch block. I am getting an error “Business Exception” Faulted. What can I do here? Please provide a code sample how to fix this? Thank you,

Can u send screenshot on what error and where do u get the error


Can you please show some screenshots

What are you doing in catch block? Are you rethrowing?

Also in throw did you write New BusinessRuleException("Message")


Using RE Framework.
This Process is in Try/Catch.
In my Process, if no data, throw new UiPath.Core.BusinessException(“No data found”)
This Business Exception getting faulted in debug mode. It stops over there and I need to keep clicking Continue until it goes to the main process.

Not sure if I should not run business exceptions in debug mode?

Please advise. Thank you.


In debug mode the bot will stop at the throw activity and you will have to click on continue. This will not happen if run normally.

Also, in debug mode you can enable Continue on Exception. So that execution odes not stop there.

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