Throw Business Rule Exception Faulted always (11.2 KB)
Hi All,

I am trying to throw a business rule exception and trying to capture it in another workflow. But always getting the “Throw Faulted” error in the child XAML, run the main XAML in debug mode, you can see the issue. Share me if you have any idea on this.

Hi @sarathi125, where you have this: new UiPath.Core.BusinessRuleException(“Business exception occurred”), replace by new BusinessRuleException(“Business exception occurred”)

Hi @sarathi125,

The flow is working correctly for me - write Line is being executed.
from what I can see there are two issues here:

  1. The exception is already being caught in the Child workflow so it will never reach the TryCatch-Block in the Main.xaml

  2. The “Throw Faulted” in the output when you are using the Debug mode is only the verbose output and telling you that a throw has occured. The throw itself is actually not faulting.

If you remove the try catch in the child the message box is displayed.

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By default ‘Throw’ activity is a faulted one…
So if you want to throw a business exception in child workflow…and want to catch it in parent workflow …

Just use business exception catch at parent catch block and you can just use exception.message

Thank you for the responses… got it

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