Error-"this control does not support data extraction "

when I use data scraping, it shows “this control does not support data extraction”.

I have tried it in WIN 7, it shows too.

what should I do to solve this problem?

Facing same issue "This Control does not support dataextraction "

Hello, Try practicing in Internet Explorer…Like we use Microsoft Edge or Chrome(UI PAth Extension is to be added).

This issue is almost always because the browser being used isn’t properly HTML compliant. Older versions of IE are the worst culprits for this. If you receive this error, don’t despair - its an easy fix - just switch to Google Chrome (the newer the better) and it should work fine.

Forgot to add - make sure the UI Path extension is added to Chrome!

@Cammann, @Baadal_Siingh, @Meloueh01, @LevKushnir
I am facing the same issue in SAP Popup. any solution for this,

this thread is outdated, lets follow up here "This control does not support data extraction"-Error in SAP Pop up - #5 by LevKushnir