There is no option to add a robot in the Orchestrator page

Hi, I am new to RPA UiPath. There is no option to add a robot or delete a robot in the Orchestrator page. Please see the screenshot. Kindly advise.


please go to admin, accounts and groups and add your account


Thanks Fernando, did this still no add or delete robot option. Also there is no Services section.

You can refer the official documentation for setting up robots in modern folder

Robots in Modern Folders (

Managing Robots (


Do you have admin access to your cloud Orchestrator ?

Hi Sam, I referred the documentation but there also it says there is an add option in the Robots page for adding a robot which in my case is missing.

Lakshman, not sure, i think so, pls see the screenshot. Kindly advise.


I modern folder you have to add the robot like this:
You have to go to Tenant → Manage Access → Assign Roles → Select a user → Add Robot(Attended/unattended)
You can refer this video:


Thnx Athira for your immediate attention. I am new to RPA UiPath. I was able to add the robot but not able to edit the Robot for eg: the robot name. Also not able to assign a machine to any folder. Also the Orchestrator page looks very much different than in the video. Do you have any idea why is this, Am I doing something wrong?


Here in modern folders, Robots are added tenant level and it will have access to the folders which you have access as its added under your user profile. No additional steps are required. And the Robot will have the User Name, we won’t be able to change that I believe.
And you said orch page looks different. Can you please explain what you meant by that ?


See the below screenshots. The first pic is from my Orchestrator page and the second pic from the video.


You can refer the below video. It explains about modern folders and similar to yours.


Hi @mail4bobbysam , are you using classic folders? The video links given by the other members are using modern folders.

Thanks Athira, this was very useful. do you have any idea why the UiPath Assistant shows an orange symbol with message “Use interactive login”? The status shows connected, unlicensed


Just click sign in and it will take you to the cloud orchestrator where you can sign in. It will get connected.

Hope this helps.

Athira, yes, i signed into the Orchestrator cloud but it shows orange colour and unlicensed in the UiPath Assistant. It should show Green colour right? There is a message saying “Use interactive login”. Any idea why is this?

Did you sign in through the assistant itself ? Also, Can you show me the part where it says “Connected, Unlicensed”?

There you are, now it is working fine, i did not sign in thru the assistant, thanks Athira.

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