Creating a robot?

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On the absolute verge of throwing a huge hissy fit here. We’ve got new licenses and installed a new Orchestrator - I’ve set this up before so was quite confident I’d be able to do it this time too. However, on the Robot screen in the Tenant section, there’s no option to add one??

No licenses are currently being used

So I’m absolutely baffled?? I currently can’t open Studio because there are no robots configured for the current user, but I can’t add one?

HI @Short

Create a User and machine and assign the runtime and then assign the robot role to that specific user



In modern folders robot are not there or are clubbed with users


Hi @Short

Can you try this out

• Log into the UiPath Orchestrator administrative console

• Switch from the Modern Folder layout to the Classic Folder layout

• Under the Management tab choose Robots

• Click the plus button on the top right hand side of the page and create a Standard Robot

• Set the following properties of the robot: name, machine name, username and password

• To provision the new robot click Create

Check out this blog

Check out the official document



I’m on Admin, unchecked the enable user-machine mappings under “Modern Folders” heading on settings (I think that’s how you switch from Modern to Classic?), choose Robots but still have no plus button

The only robot showing up is one I’ve assigned myself under the Users tab, but I’m still unable to open Studio

Hi @Short

Try with below following

• Go to Tenant > Settings

• The Settings page opens on the General tab

• In the Classic Folders section, click Start migration

• The Modern migration wizard opens on the Getting started step

• Follow the instructions in the wizard to complete the migration

Check out the document



My Classic Folders section is greyed out and looks like it’s now obsolete

I clicked on the link you provided but it comes up with this at the top

When I click it, it takes me to the UiPath Orchestrator main page

Hi all

Any other suggestions?

Thanks :slight_smile: