"Get Queue Items" -> "Queue Item" -> "StartTransactionTime" field 4 hours off. (Spoiler, it's universal time)

When I use the “Get Queue Items” activity and loop through the queue items, the Queue Item’s “StartTransactionTime” field is 4 hours later than what really occurred.

I’ve gone into Orchestrator and downloaded the transactions for the queue to a CSV file, and the start time in the CSV file is correct. The timezone on Orchestrator is set to eastern, and the timezone on the robot machine is set to eastern.

It turns out that “StartTransactionTime” comes back as universal time and needs to be converted back to local time…

actualTime = item.StartTransactionTime.Value.ToLocalTime()


Having Dates default to UTC is inconvenient. Defaulting to local time instead of UTC when retrieving dates from Orchestrator will prevent confusion and bugs. If something needs to have the UTC time, that would be more of a technical need such as for storage and not a default. UTC is generally not something that would be input into a web application. Generally a web application (or other application) would convert a Date to UTC in it’s own code for storage. I propose that UiPath changes dates to local time when retrieving dates from Orchestrator. Thoughts?

@loginerror any update on this issue? I am facing the same issue. Orchestrator is set to UTC + 5:30 and the deadline date shows correctly on Orchestrator. However when i use get queue items activity and use item.duedate it shows date time in UTC instead of UTC + 5:30.
Do note that robot, Orchestrator and Local PC are all set to UTC + 5:30

I pushed your suggestions to our internal feedback tracker for our team to consider :slight_smile: