The requested folder could not be found - Get IMAP Mail Messages

I’m getting this wierd exception when i try to change default “Inbox” to some other default Label/Folder in my Gmail (For example “Sent”). This exception does not happen when I use Labels that I’ve created (For example TestFolder)

Here is how my Gmail labels looks like:

Now the wierd part.
When I use something like “[Gmail]/Sent Mail” I get access to this Label.

As you can see no exception.

Why is this working but when I use Label name that I see is not working??

Hi @srdjan.suc,
I think that how this was designed. By this they can avoid situation when you will create folder with exact same name.

Still don’t know why it throws exception when I try to access some default Labels that exist in my Gmail (I’ve read few topic on the forum but I couldn’t find the answer).

Also this is not so important to me right now, but it bugs me out :slight_smile:

Hi @srdjan.suc,

have you found a solution to this issue?

Thank you,