How read default labels in gmail with Get IMAP Messages

Hi Friends, I am trying to read the gmail’s default label “All”; by default, the activity Get IMAP messages has “Inbox” but I need to read from All.

I have tried input “All” in mailFolder property but appear error:

I have tried input “[Gmail]/Sent Mail” like test because I saw in other post this sentense for default label “Sent”, but still appear with error

I need to read mail from here:

somebody know how can I to reach this?


Hi everyone, I just to found the responsive.

for the Get IMAP Messages can read the default labels in Gmail like Sent, All etc in first place we need to turn on the label for IMAP:

later in the Get IMAP Messages Activity in the MailFolder propertir put “[Gmail]/Todos” or en english “[Gmail]/All”

thanks and I hope to help for somebody with this same issue

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