Move IMAP Mail Message: The requested folder could not be found

I try to read my emails and then i want to move them to the trash using: “Move IMAP Mail Message” - Activity.
But i get this error message: Move IMAP Mail Message: The requested folder could not be found.

So i created a new folder that I call Trashcan, I can move the email there whitout any problems.
And i can move it back to inbox.

So this works:
This does not:

This is how Gmail looks:

IHave tried different variants like: [Gmail]/bin, bin, trash, [Gmail]/trash and so on.

If I take out the address for the “Papperskorgen”, I get this:
And if I take out the address for “Trashcan”, I get this:

Just to test, I created a new label: Basket
And it works!

Is it a language problem? And if it was a language problem, Korg should not work either, right?

I hope someone can help me figure out what goes wrong or find a work around.

With kind regards Mikael

Hi Mikael!

Please refer to this post:

You basically need to configure Gmail and turn on “Show” for the label, refer to this url:

Then input in the destination folder, the label in your language, in this case: “[Gmail]/Papperskorgen”

Hope this helps,
Best Regards

Hi @Marcelo_Guimaraes!

I’m sorry it took so long for me to respond. But I’ve been busy at work.
But now I have tried your suggestion and it solved the problem! So a big thank you!
Once again sorry for my late reply!

Regards Mikael

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