IMAP: The requested folder could not be found. (WEBMAIL)

I have a process that downloads emails and I have an “if” for those that do not meet the condition, move them to a “suppliers” folder, but it gives me the IMAP error: The requested folder could not be found.
It is a corporate webmail, the other posts I have seen are always related to GMAIL. In the webmail I see the new folder correctly, I have also tried to put the SPAM folder and it gives me the same error, I attach configuration captures.


Mover mensaje de correo IMAP: The requested folder could not be found.



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Hi @Aguirre

Try updating the packages and check if that works.


Hi @Aguirre ,

I verified that the name entered for the inbox is “inbox”, and in your webmail it is as “Inbox”, try to change the text that is the name of the inbox folder to “Inbox” or “inbox” and check if it will work.

Be sure to let us know if it worked, if not, let us know more about the case.


Hello and thanks @suraj.setty & @gkamchen , I have found the solution.
I have looked at the webmail source code and the folder is really called “INBOX.providers” as an attachment in the screenshot, I have put that in the process and it has worked.

A greeting.


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