The operation has timed out in send outlook message

Are you able to send without the screenshot attached?

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Yes. But this issue comes only one time.

If you create a small test sequence using this component, does the email send? This can help tell if there’s an issue with the component or the server. I ask this because for a while mine was able to email just fine when in a separate component (showing the code and server worked) but when combined in the process it wouldn’t, so it helped me find out where things were not working.

In my case I tried creating a separate component for sending mail, but facing the same issue :
Send Outlook Mail Message : The operation has timed out.
I am not attaching any files to the activity, but Just trying to send the mail.

I am also facing the same issue…
When I got this error the bot has been terminated with the error message "Send Outlook mail message :The Operation has time out. "
Some times I am getting the mail but the error is not fixed.
Some one please assist here, if you already got fixed the same.

I am also facing same issue. I am trying to send a simple mail with send outlook mail message activity.

What is the root cause of this issue.

Hi I am also getting same error. Is there any solution for same.

You need to enable Third option below :


hi @ChitraPal
Its disabled in outlook, do you know how to enable it.

Please refer this link:

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Go to property of Send Outlook Mail Message activity and give “TimeoutMS” value more than a lakh and try, It will work.
For Example:
TimeoutMS: 200000


Thank you all for the solution.
Link was disable due to admin right. After getting admin right I have solved this issue.

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this solution worked

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Does not work

Thanks man I changed the time and now the mail is working

Hi @Linto,

Try to open Outlook and UiPath Studio as Run as administrator mode. It works for me.


hi @Linto

Just change value to by Outlook Exe path to Default Value into Registry.


Also check if you have 2 version of Outlook installed in your system.
please go below path and delete version which you do not required.


delete Win32 or Win64 as per your version value set for first path.

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This worked! Thank you so much!
According to my understanding, certain apps like Outlook force a higher wait time for programmatic access. Which is why a 100 second delay makes sense.

I am getting the same error while using “send outlook message”, what was the resolution for this? This started happening to me after i upgraded my packages to 1.12.3. It was completely working fine with 1.10.× earlier. I tried to downgrade again to 1.10.x and it still doesnt work.

hello everyone
Send SMTP Mail Message: The operation has timed out.
i have also facing same error but once i run it and next time facing this error please give me solution


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