The machine key is linked to another machine

Hi All,

I have installed Uipath 2021.4 today and I am trying to connect my bot to orchestrator. I have created a machine and copied the machine key along with the orchestrator URL with profile/service name.

I could observe the below change before connecting the robot and after connecting the robot

Could any please suggest what might have gone wrong here.

RPA Learner

I am getting an error “The machine key is linked to another machine”.In the machines tab i am also able to see 1+ versions.

I am not sure why second bot is getting created automatically.

Could anyone suggest what can i do here.


@Palaniyappan @loginerror could you please help?

Under the installed version tab I am able to see two robots are visible.

HI @RPA_Learner13,

Looks like you have created standard machine as well as machine template for same machine.

Go to folders-> select folder name-> Machines tab and share what all you see there?
You would have to delete 1 connection.


I have created only one machine using the hostname. Please find the screenshot of the same below

As soon I provide the machine key in the uipath assistant and connect the robot. The installed versions on orchestrator is showing as 1+versions (21.4.4 1 robots unknown 1 robots)

@UiPathMaster @Palaniyappan @loginerror Could you please look into this?