The icon, updated name and deployed date of Apps is not updated

After deploying the Apps in the new way, the icon of the app is displayed only in the Build panel, not in the Run panel. Also the name and last deployed date is not updated as expected.

Other changes inside the deployed App are reflected as expected. :slight_smile:


Hi @Oana_Georgiana_Vasile! Thanks for brining this to our attention. The team is aware of this issue and is looking into it :slight_smile:

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Hi, do you have any update on this issue?

Hi, an update about Icon of the app disapearring when apps are deployed with new way (apps tab in automation) ? Same behaviour for us than describe above.
Also, in previous mode, apps published (with icon) were also listed in assistant of each user who has some permission to use an Apps.
It was great to get easy access to all your available apps.
Other way yo get the link is if they go trough the cloud console, users can see only folders according to permissions, and apps tab to get the link, but they can also see in folder, associated queues and see (initiate?) all process/ queue process used by their apps.
Reason why I only give the link.
So question : is it planned to get back “Apps” in assistant list ?
Your advices are welcome.