Dificulty in set up

Hello All,
I am very new in learning UIPath with no IT Background at all. I am having difficulty in installing UIPath. Can not get exe. file for some reason. Please please help.


Hello and welcome,

Did you fill the following form for string?

Normally after couple of minutes, you should be receiving a link to download the .exe file iself.

If it is the path you already followed, let us know.


Thank u very much for yr quick reply. I followed the same path. I got the email as well. Downloaded the link but after that it that its not the .exe file so cant really install the software. Please help.


Could you maybe check the size of the file and, if it is rather heave, change the extension type to .exe?

You will need to enable first the option to have the extension displayed.
Later to can append the filename with .exe



Hi Florent,
Its 118mb. It still the same. I Still cant find the file extension. tried as per the link u sent.


Check the downloads folder in your computer ( right click and select arrange icons by date in downloads folder ) the uipath downloaded file should be there if download was successfully done

@shreyasgirme Just right click and rename with .exe extension

@indra That was brilliant. sorted. done and activated. Thank you very much Bro. Really appreciate.

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@neonova hello,
Its sorted. just renamed the file extension to .exe. Thank for your reply though. really appreciate.


@shreyasgirme Mark the solution and close the thread

Hello All,
I am getting the server licence expired error while setting up UI Path.
Need help.

Hi @shreyasgirme

See here for your answer: