The document has unresolved types. You will not be able to save it until the types have been resolved

I have no errors in my project or any other .xaml files, but when I try to save all from Main.xaml , it gives the below error.

Also, I get this error.

Please suggest how to solve it.

Hi @automated ,

Could you Check your Variables and Arguments Panel ? I believe there must be variables or arguments that has an Unresolved type. Maybe you would require to delete those variables and check.

@supermanPunch Also below are some more error messages which I get when I try to execute

Could not resolve type ‘Error’ because could not find one or more of its type arguments. Row: 357, Column: 38

Could not find type ‘VisualBasicValue(String)’ in namespace ‘’. Row: 342, Column: 38

File ‘Main.xaml’ - variable ‘TransactionItem’: Type ‘snm:MailMessage’ (‘clr-namespace:System.Net.Mail;assembly=System.Net.Mail’) could not be resolved and was automatically replaced with ‘UnknownType’

does it have something to do with .Net framework version.?

@automated ,

Were you able to find any Unknown type variables/arguments and removed it ?

Even after removing it, does these errors happen ? Or were you not able to find any variables /arguments with this Unknown type ?

Yes, I was able to find all and replace them with suitable types, still I get errors.

I’m using the windows legacy framework on the 2023 beta edition.


Try clicking on validate and mostly you would get which xamls are facing issue…try checking them…if everything looks normal…try upgrading the packages and see…

Alternately…try recreating those xamls…if they are not bery big


@Anil_G Ok, I removed the .mail dependency from the manage package and installed it again fresh and it worked.
No errors after that.

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