Message: Cannot create unknown type ‘{}Variable({}DatabaseConnection)’

I’m encountering the following error:

Message: Cannot create unknown type ‘{}Variable({}DatabaseConnection)’.

Exception Type: System.Xaml.XamlObjectWriterException

I’m using an activity (DatabaseConnect) to connect to a Database. Weirdly enough, the Connection Wizard works perfectly, and I was able to attest that the connection to the Database can be estabilished. However, whenever I run my workflow, I get this error.

I’m working with a computer that doesn’t have internet connection, so I had to install the database package through Manage packages>Settings>Add.
From what I’ve seen in other threads, maybe the files from this package hadn’t been installed correctly, but the connection can be estabilished, and I found 3 files from this package in C:\Users<USER>\AppData\Local\UiPath.cache
The files are:

Am I missing anything?

I too just recently started to see and log this error with some of our users.
Any ideas to the cause. I have some users running the exact same process, but are not getting this error, so only happening on a few, not all.
This is a local (RDA) process.