TFS source control - issues


We are using TFS Source Control and have had some issues I wanted to check if others were familiar with, or perhaps that UiPath could clarify for meg.
If we are doing something wrong, I would like to rectify it.

Our issue is as follows:
We are two coworkers working on the same project with three sequenc workflows; Main.xaml, Seq1.xaml, seq2.xaml.
Both Person1 and Person 2 have the project locally on their computer, connected to tfs.

Person1 checks out the project for edit, and specifically checks out Seq1.xaml for edit as well. Person1 makes a few changes to Seq1.xaml and publishes the project to orchestrator. They then check in the entire project.

Person2 checks out the project for edit, and specifically checks out Seq2.xaml for edit as well. Person2 does a few changed to Seq2.xaml and publishes the entire project.

Problem: The version in orchestrator now contains the updated version of Seq2.xaml, but the old version of Seq1.xaml.

If either person now checks out the project for edit and then specifically checks out for edit both Seq1.xaml and Seq2.xaml, and then publishes the project. The updated versions of both sequenc workflows is uploaded.

Everytime more than one of us is working on a project we have to check out for edit every single workflow, to ensure that all changes made by other people is published. This is not a good solution for our large projects with up to 20 workflows.

Any input is much appreciated.

Best wishes,
Rikke Mohn

It is recommended to use branching when working with multiple developers. Use git instead of tfs.

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The Source control settings for TFS includes a tick box option to “Enable multiple check-out”. This feature allows visual studio developers to consolidate their changes locally before checking them in. This functionality needs to be included in a updated version of UiPath, so that multiple developers can work on the same project and consolidate changes localy during a check-in.