Version Control Tips/How to Properly Use it?

Hi all,

I’m fairly new to version control and wanted to get some input on best practices. I use TFS Version Control and have a repository setup and connected. But what I’m not too sure about is how to properly use this with UiPath.

So I have all of my projects saved in a OneDrive folder. When I open a project, it asks if I want to view in readonly or check out for editing. No problems there. But if I share this OneDrive folder with a colleague - so they can open the same projects, will they also be able to check out/check in if they have the repository setup in their Studio? I don’t really understand how this works. Or what if they have the same process saved but in a different folder on their PC? Any help/tips would be appreciated.


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Connecting your project to a TFS server is a recommended approach. I have not found anything UiPath Documentation about version control linked to a OneDrive account.
Please refer to the following for TFS setup: