Request for change: Disallow Publish to Orchestrator _IF_ TFS Project is checked out

We use TFS, because of all the benefits of knowing where your data (code) is. But today I found out that it is possible to Publish a TFS project to Orchestrator that is checked out for editing.
This is potentially very damaging, as multiple versions can exist.
I request an option to secure this somehow, perhaps by setting a general option which defaults to not being able to publish before checking in.
Funny thing is, you cannot publish a TFS project before checking OUT the the project.json.

What do you think?

Hi @Mikkel_Nielsen

What is the version of your Studio?

EDIT. It’s the same in 2019.3. I’ll report it to our team and see if there is a reasoning behind it :slight_smile:

Thank you. I hope there is a change.
Best regards, Mikkel

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This was adjusted in 20.2 :slight_smile: