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Hi Champs,

There are many posts related to this topic, but none of them serves the purpose for me. Someone, please guide me a solution step by step of my concern below.

There is a text hyperlink on a website & the position of it is not static. It may appear at a different position next day. I want to be able to double-click the text hyperlink no matter where it is. The text name is unique in this case. I tried using simple Click, Double click, OCR n all other from the suggestions in the UIPath Forum. My browser is Chrom. Please help get a notable solution.



Hello @ashish.prasad, if the hyperlink text is always the same each time, have you tried Click Text?


@whyyouandi, yes I tried, but it’s not working. Rather it’s clicking another text hyperlink which is at the position of the desired text that I had selected during development phase.


Is the text has more than one recurrence per page for your case?


@whyyouandi, No. It’s just once.


Hi @ashish.prasad,

Try Find Children activity to get the exact selector and click it.



As I’m a beginner, can someone please post a sample .xaml file with a suitable option using “https://www.yahoo.com/” as the website & locate “Entertainment” which is a clickable text with a hyperlink?

Thank you


@ashish.prasad,browser.xaml (7.0 KB)



@sreekanth thank you so much it worked. However,

This logic I don’t know why isn’t working for my organization’s internal website. I have a report link & given a text to shorten it. Applying the same logic & also tried with find text function. But none of them seems working for me. Is there any other quick workaround?


  1. http://myURL
  2. Username & Password then click Login
  3. Navigate a folder
  4. Navigate subfolder
  5. “ALL_Open_DATA”
    Step 5 is where the issue lies. There could be multiple reports like step 5 & their position may not be static. I’m not able to find the step 5 text & double click it to see the web-based report.

Any help please?



@ashish.prasad For step5 when you perform click action, check the selector property aaname=‘ALL_Open_DATA’ .If it’s correct then you’ll be able to perform click correctly.



How do I check the selector property of the report? Please assist. And how to deploy after checking the selector property, because ‘ALL_OPEN_DATA’ is designed by us on the website to see the web-based report.



check for id’s and change them into dynamic selectors


@ashish.prasad https://academy.uipath.com go through the training provided by uipath so that you won’t face any difficulties


Hi @ashish.prasad,

Use UiExplorer to get the exact selector.



@sreekanth @arivu96… finally was able to tweak it. Thank you both of you. I have already gone through tutorials, but the practical needs guidance when you actually work on the learned theory.