Text from Excel to Web search & Web Search Result to Output Excel

Hi All,

I am new to UI Path and just got stuck in a situation. I want to search all value which exist in a particular excel column one after the other on a particular web page and then extract the information which is needed back into a excel and merge a complete data of the results for all search criteria.

If you can show by image illustrations then it would be great.


First use Read range and read the Excel and give output as datatable1
then use the For each row activity and give datatable1 and inside body
Attach the web page and use type into (give item(“column name”).tostring) and click on search. use get text or data scrapping based on need. and write it excel back


1.Use Excel Application Scope activity and read range to read the excel and keep in one datatable
2.Then iterate that datatable using for each row activity
3.now you can filter any column from that datatable like row(0).toString which means your first column
4. inside for each row you can use open browser an use type into and pass row(0).toString as variable to it
5.now you can use getText activity to get the data from your browser
6.write all the output varible to your excel

Thanks Abhisha, I am getting an error on excelDt what should the VB expression

What error you are getting


Can you share the error screenshot?
check if you created excelDt as datatable variable and check its scope


change the scope of the excelDT variable in Variables panel.

Did you create excelDt if so change the scope to your Trail workflow

Hi Aisha, I might sound a bit lost but how to create excelDT & the change the scope of trail workflow

Hi @ Nishal_Menezes,

And can you see id your ExcelTD is not dulicated or if its the same as your read range ?

@Nishal_Menezes… please check again or create variable of ‘excelDT’ after action Ctrl+K… type the variable name, then check again

Go to properties output datatable click ctrl+k you can able to create variable

or else go to variable pane and create variable and give the same variable name in property pane

scope is to define inside your workflow where you want to use that variable

Wow at last its not popping error.

but where is the output file below is screenshot


did you scrap value from your webpage? if so you need to again write that value to one excel file using write range activity.