Looping from Excel to Website


I have data in an excel file and I do not know how to loop it into a website. I only need specific columns when I am looping. So Like I only need to loop certain columns such as A,C,and D. Any help would be great.

Hi @jdabringer,

Use read range activity to get the data into data table.

Use for each row activity to loop the data table
Like inside row("A").ToString() you can get the value. After that you can apply the value into website.


Hi! As per my understanding, use For Each data table and should the element in the website be a drop down or a textbox, use this code ‘row(“COLUMNNAME”).ToString’ to fetch the data from the excel

So I have the read range activity, but how do i get it into variables?


To put it into variable, you can do loop for each row in your read range datatable, take a look on picture below (for this example I get first column, index 0):

Thank you

I receive this error “Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “DT2”.
‘DT2’ is not declared. It may be inaccessible due to its protection level.”

You have to create a variable by Datatable type whatever be the name. If you can (just asking) share .XAML file or any screenshot of your process I can help you in a better way. Thank you

Here is my screen

1 - Create Variable DT2 (It still doesn`t exist) with Datatable Type

2 - For each row in DT2 use assign activity (variable1 = row(0).ToString)
3 - MessageBox (variable1) to show result

Ok I got where that is now how do I get it to the website or desktop application.

You can use Open Browser/Application/Type and amongst others activities to do that. Even Recorder will help u, try to explore more UiPath features

sorry that was worded very poorly. How do I get my data to loop through a website? I need mutiple data points to pull through.

You can proportionate a better context of ur problem?, you have a Excel file where u have data in differents columns, ok, but now, u want to input the information of the columns in a website? I cant understand what are u trying to do.If u can give a example with images or any it will help

that is exactly what I want to do. I have all the other steps set up I just need to know how to take the data that I just ran through and put it into the space I need it too.

ur data is saved in a datatable, for get it or set it, u can use ‘Type Into’ activity

For iterate through elements in ur website, u can send keystrokes with ‘TAB’ for change focus element

U can check how activities works in UiPath here


U can see how open a browser and input text here, all depends from ur problem

Main.xaml (5.6 KB)

Sweet thanks for all the help guys really got my process up and running.

Ok how do I increase the variable it keeps running the same number over and over again.

with an assign activity

count = count + 1