How to recognize text from the captcha?

How to recognize text from the captcha? I’ve used different types of OCR but can’t get a solution. Captcha is varies for every run. I’ve attached a photo below.


Hey! Well come to community!

Is this captcha is same or vary from each run?

If this is the same format we can use like this

  1. Get full text with OCR…

If the format is varies we can’t handle the captcha…

Captcha is used to prevent the Robot enter to that site…

Either we have to handle manually - (Input Dialogue - Attended mode) or If same format Try with above mentioned steps…



captcha is varies for every run. Can’t get text using OCR.


In this case we can go with the third party tools or we can handled it by using Attended mode (Manual intervention required)

Try this:


you can hover the area of ocr in get ocr text.

Hi Bro.

The available activities on uipath could not recognized correctly these captras.

But with your captra, i think can use Python combine with uipath to do this. I have tried to use the python to bypass some case same that and successfully.

If you have demo than please share…

Hi Bro.

My steps are:

  1. Save image contains captra into the local drive
  2. Use python script to read text on image and return the value
  3. Input that value into the web. If fail ( The python return wrong value ) then will refresh captra on the web to received a new one and try from the first step.

Some time python script read text from the captra image not correct, but it read about 2-3 times and will got the correct one ^^.

Python code.txt (1.3 KB)