Testmanager doesnt report Attachments to Xray Execution Results

Hello everybody,

I am struggling with the activity “Attach Document” and I hope you can help me fix the problem.
In my company we use

  • the UiPath Standalone solutions
  • UiPath Studio 2022.10.3
  • Orchestrator 2022.10
  • Testmanager
  • Jira and Xray as Cloud solutions

The necessary plugins work properly for test cases without attachments, so results are exported to Xray successfully.

My problem is about test cases where I use the “Attach Document” activity. I want to attach a few documents to the execution result of a test case and these attached documents should appear in the execution results in my xray object “test execution” as proofs.

The current state is, the attached documents appear in the execution results in my Orchestrator instance:

But I can’t see these attachments in the UiPath Testmanager, these attachments don’t appear in the xray results, too.

Note: Screenshots taken by the activity family “verify expression[…]” are attached to the xray results. My problem is about files attached by the activity “Attach Document”.

So I guess I am using the activity properly but I still have to configure a few settings in the UiPath applications. Can you help me in this case?

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especially regarding the visibility of attachments from the “Attach Document” activity in UiPath Test Manager and Xray results.

  1. Check Test Manager Configuration:
  • Ensure that UiPath Test Manager is properly configured to sync attachments with Xray. Verify the settings related to attachment synchronization.
  1. Review Xray Configuration:
  • Check the Xray configuration in UiPath Test Manager. Ensure that the integration is set up correctly to handle attachments from UiPath activities.
  1. Update UiPath Packages:
  • Ensure that you are using the latest versions of UiPath activities, Test Manager, and Xray integration packages. Consider updating if necessary.
  1. Activity Compatibility:
  • Confirm that the “Attach Document” activity is compatible with UiPath Test Manager and Xray. Check the documentation for any known compatibility issues.
  1. Test Permissions:
  • Verify that the user running the tests has the necessary permissions in UiPath Test Manager and Xray to attach documents and view them in the results.


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Thank you for your quick response.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found any information about proper configuration for the Test Manager or the Xray Configuration. Can you provide more details?


Configuring UiPath Test Manager and Xray for attachment synchronization involves several steps. Here’s a concise guide to help you:

UiPath Test Manager Configuration:

  1. Connect to Orchestrator:

    • Ensure that your UiPath Test Manager is properly connected to your Orchestrator instance.
  2. Project Configuration:

    • In UiPath Test Manager, configure your project settings.
    • Go to “Settings” → “Projects” and ensure that the project is configured correctly.

Xray Configuration:

  1. Integration Settings:

    • In UiPath Test Manager, navigate to “Settings” → “Integrations.”
    • Configure the Xray integration settings.
    • Provide the necessary Xray URL, username, password, and any other required information.
  2. Field Mapping:

    • Check the field mapping settings in the Xray integration.
    • Ensure that the fields related to attachments are correctly mapped.
  3. Permissions:

    • Verify that the user account used for the integration has the necessary permissions in Xray to manage attachments.


  1. Logs:

    • Check the logs in UiPath Test Manager for any errors related to attachment synchronization.
  2. Test Case Design:

    • Ensure that your test cases in UiPath Test Manager are designed to handle attachments correctly.
  3. Update Packages:

    • Make sure you are using the latest versions of UiPath Test Manager and Xray integration packages.
  4. Community/Support:

    • If issues persist, consider reaching out to the UiPath Community or Support for more specific assistance.


The exact steps and settings might vary based on updates and changes made to UiPath Test Manager and Xray integration .


Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, there is still no solution to this problem.

UiPath Test Manager:

  • The connection to the UiPath Orchestrator instance is working fine.
  • There are no available settings to configure the connection


  • The integration itself is working fine, test execution results are imported from the Testmanager including the screenshots taken by the “Verify expression”-activities.
  • It isn’t possible to define the field mapping in Xray Cloud.
  • The user account has all necessary permissions.


  • There weren’t any errors in the logs.
  • How can I configure the test cases in the UiPath Test Manager to handle attachments correctly?
  • What versions of UiPath Test Manager and Xray integration packages do I need?

I am sorry but it seems like the whole functionality behind these “Attach document”-activity isn’t working properly and the attachments are lost when test execution results are exported from Orchestrator to Test Manager or from Test Manager to Xray since in the orchestrator test executions the wanted attachments are visible.


  1. Ensure using the latest versions of UiPath Test Manager and Xray integration packages to address potential compatibility issues.

  2. Review and update field mappings in Xray Cloud to handle attachments correctly, if possible.

  3. Investigate potential issues with the “Attach document” activity in UiPath Test Manager to prevent attachment loss during result exports.


So I contacted the UiPath Support:
“Unfortunately, sending attachments to Xray or Test Manager is not possible.”

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