Not able to see attachment at ORchestrator Test Executions -> Attachments in Test Suite but visible at Test Manager

I am not able to see the attachment at Test Executions → Attachments which i have got uploaded using Attach Document(UiPath.Testing.Activities.AttachDocument)

Do i need to make any changes for settings, roles or configurations

Same screenshot is visible at Test Manager


Are you checking under test cases only?

Testcase and execution results

Can you confirmt he below



I am able to see it at Test Manager but not at Orchestrator Test Executions


Can you please elaborate…test manager is on orchestrator itself right

And are test cases executed separately?


test suite orchestrator & test manager are different bro


What you opened is a test manager only…if you see the top of your page you will clearly see that

May I know where youa re avle to see and where you are not?A screenshot would help in understanding better