Testing Capabilities in Community Orchestrator (20.4 Community Preview Release)

Testing Capabilities in Community Orchestrator (20.4 Community Preview Release)

UiPath Studio Community Preview was just released last week with new testing capabilities. This will allow you to create robust and flexible Test Cases for applications and your automated processes.

To run those Test Cases at scale, we have made those capabilities available also on Orchestrator.

Test Cases section

As soon as you publish your Test Cases from Studio Pro the first time onto Orchestrator (via ‘Publish Tests’), and you have converted the uploaded package into a process, your Test Cases will reside in this section. This is meant to be your inventory of available Test Cases for execution. For a better overview, you can filter here by Project and App Version.

Test Set section

After uploading your Test Cases to Orchestrator you might want to run them on 1-n of your robots. Therefore we provide you the Test Set section, where you can group together several Test Cases to run them together (e.g. you might want to create a Regression Test Set, including all your Test Cases, or a Smoke Test Set, intended to be run with every code checkin).
To create a Test Set, simply (1) navigate to the Test Set section, (2) click image, (3) give your Test Set a name and description, (4) select the environment you want to run it on, (5) filter by project and version and (6) select your Test Cases.

Test Execution section

To run your previously built Test Set, select the image button on your Test Set. This will immediately start the execution, and navigate over to the Test Execution section, where you can monitor the progress.
Test Cases queued have the state ‘Pending’, run Test Cases are either ‘Passed’ or ‘Failed’. During the execution you can anytime cancel Test Cases, or the entire Test Set.

To make it as easy as possible to analyze failed Test Cases, we provide you with additional information such as the detailed log and the screenshot of the robot, taken when an assertion has failed.

Test Schedules section

Additionally, to starting a Test Set manually, it is also possible to schedule the execution of a Test Set. This allows you to e.g. setup reoccurring execution of your Test Set once per Sprint.


To create Test Cases and publish them to Orchestrator, you require Studio Pro, which can be download from the Community preview page.

To run your Test Sets, you have to have 1-n robots setup, of type ‘Testing’. This can be done by adding the Testing license to your service on portal


For Enterprise, yes. All features are available with the Community license as well, under the terms and conditions of usage.


Is there training on the academy or elsewhere on the testing features?


Hi @Logan.Albrecht, we are working on academy training for the UiPath Test Suite right now. They will be available around mid of May.


Hi Thomas,
I’ve developed a few test cases and published them into Orchestrator. I can see the test cases in the ‘Test Case’ section in Orchestrator. But, When I try to create ‘TestSet’ I can’t find the project and Test cases while creating ‘Test Set’.

I don’t understand, what I’m missing.

I have issues with ‘Ui Descriptors’ also. When I try to publish it into orchestrator, I’m facing the below error.
Error: Publish of Library project to Orchestrator failed. Package cannot be published to the shared feed


Hi @krishnakanth.k:
According the 1. point:
I assume that you published the Test Cases to Orchestrator but did not create a process out of it.
As you would do with RPAs, you initially after publishing have to go to the process section on Orchestrator, select the published Testing package and create a Process out of it (Package + Environment)
As soon as you have done this, your Project should show up in the Test Set wizard.
Every proceeding publishing to Orchestrator of the same project will automatically be available, as long as you do not change the Major.Minor version of the package.

About the 2nd issue with publishing libraries:
No idea what the issue is here, but it might be helpful to share the project and the call stack of the error message

Hi @ThomasStocker

I have already created the Process. But, still, I can’t see the Project in the Test Sets Wizard.
Please refer to the below screenshots.



Test Sets:

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pls make sure that you have assigned a robot of type ‘Testing’ to the environment you are using here.
If this does not solve your problem, I am happy to jump on a quick zoom call to clarify.


I’m having the same issue

Hi Thomas,

When will be the Test Manager instance made available in the 20.4 version

Hi Anitha,
Test Manager is available in Limited Availability now. For further details pls get in touch with @Gernot_Brandl

Hi Zoe,

pls let me know if the recommendations above help. If you are still struggling, pls let me know, we could then do a quick zoom chat.

if I set my robot as ‘Testing’ bot, I’ll no longer be able to edit the testcases on studio…what if I want to add/remove activities in the future? Is editing available in orchestrator?

It will be great if you could set up a zoom call to show us how it works exactly(since I don’t know when will the training videos be available to us), we’re using UiPath for regression testing all the time in my company and this feature is going to help a lot. Thank you!

After you convert your workflow to testcase, you need to make it publishable, then click on “Publish testcases” not ‘publish’.

Are the UiPath academy courses below new and cover the new testing capabilities (new Test Automation project) for testing applications/legacy applications and not just our automated processes/workflows.

UiPath Academy - UiPath Test Suite Insider Preview Demo

UiPath Academy - UiPath Test Suite

I am going to complete them anyway but just wanted to make they cover the new testing capabilities announced recently.


Hi @sbell79, yes this is the first Academy training for the UiPath Test Suite, additional ones, focussed on RPA Testing and Mobile Testing will follow.

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How and when can we get Test Manager trial?

Also as per the software requirements it says that Task Capture is a dependency, is that correct? I know task capture is a separate install and has been integrated with Automation HUB now I believe.

Just wondered when the Test Manager will be available?

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Hi @sbell79, Test Manager is available for Trial right now. We plan to add it to Community in 2020.

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