Testing on another project in Orchestrator

Hi Robot Benders,
I’m new to UiPath, and a Software Tester. Currently using the Community Edition Studio Pro 2020.6.0-beta93. So here I have a situation as below,


  1. I have a simple project of creating a robot for scraping data of a website
  2. I have another teammate working as the developer for the build

The project commences my teammate will do his build on the orchestrator

I need to create test cases on “the robot build” to ensure the maximum purpose

The question is that I would really really thankful if anyone can help me show the way how to create a test case on a different project that I will publish into orchestrator that invoke the workflow of my teammate build in the different project but same orchestrator cloud.

On the video tutorial I have seen, the test case is built on the same project build. Where this is very inconvenient as whenever there are changes in the build I need to change mine as well, vice versa.

Any insight or help would be much appreciated!