Test set execution in test manager is Pending

I am trying to execute test set from test manager.
The execution status is Pending.

Hi @shruthi_arali

Are you able to run these process from test case first ?

@namanjain132 I dont have an option to execute test case in test manager

Did you link your test manager to your UiPath studio ?

yes i have linked the test case from studio to test manager

Try these steps also

  1. Publish your process to orchestrator
    2.Go to Testing as mentioned in below
  2. Go to test case and try to run your process from there and check the machine also if that machine is allocated to that particular folder or not and check the testing license for that particular orchestrator folder

Testing Robot has been assigned nd the same machine has been assigned.

@shruthi_arali In the shared folder, click on testing and try executing your process from the test cases.


Its Pending

Check this link Running testset in orchestrator - #4 by sonaliaggarwal47


Under Foreground automation settings.

  1. when I select “Use the VMs pre configured Windows User account” option The test cases are not getting executed.
  2. When I select “Use a specific user account” option the test cases are getting executed.

The machine which I am using to execute is VM machine.

@shruthi_arali I think in the Manage Access folder you have to use the robot account type to execute the process in VM. You can try it !!