Test execution is stuck in pending state and nothing happens in the Assistant


i have a problem with running my test suite in orchestrator. When i click run it only shows pending state. Below I will describe what exactly I have done:

  1. So firtstly I created this machine:

  2. Then I created new folder and added that machine to the folder.

  3. Created connection between Assistant and Orchestrator

  4. Published my test and it correctly apeared in the section Test cases

  5. Run the test case and it stays stuck in the pedning state. Nothing happens in Assistan.

Any advice and help will be much appreciated. Thanks

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go to the machine where Assistant is running and check the UiPath related logs within the Windows Event manager for more details. Also ensure that the Machine has internet access and can download nuget packages from the different configured feeds

@ppr Thank you for your fast reply.

The machine is connected to internet. The staus of my machine is not compliant at the moment. Is that the cause why it is not working? If so can it be fixed?

That’s why i see in the logs for my machine

Kindly note: accessing with the browser vs. accessing via package manager are different things. It can work within one, but be blocked on other.

we mentioned Windows Event Manager, please check here also

Are you using a Machine or Machine Template? Did you try using a Machine Template with a Testing runtime assigned?

I am using machine template and these are their statuses (one is unresponsive)

I haven’t tried the standard machine beacuse in the tutorial that I was following it was said to create machine template.

I checked the log message in windows and this is what it says

(I hope this is what you meant)

Is the machine template and robot account created to login to the “Irina” machine added to the Orchestrator folder where the tests are being run?

This solution helped me Automation is "pending" in uipath orchestrator! .

Thanks everyone :blush:

Specifically what did you do to get it working? Just curious.