Test Report with screen shot: how can I create a test report with screen shots? is there any activity available?

I am using "take screen shot “& s"ave image” activity to get my screen shots and using “Log message” I am writing logs to console. but this is not saved anywhere. I need a test report with logs and screen shots in word/html/pdf format to send to manager.

in selenium, we have extend reports and like that what is the activity in Uipath.

How can I achieve this?
also, is there any way to save the console logs as word/pdf/html.??

Expecting kind reply

Can you share screenshot of your workflow and properties of ss and save image please?

I am sorry I am unable to expose it as its a secured project. but still how are we generally doing the reporting?

I understood right? You want to take screenshot and save that image? If yes,


Take screenshot will take ss of whole screen if the selector is empty. It will output an image variable.

Then with save image activity, image input will be take ss activity output, file name has to be a full path. Don’t forget the “.png” extension.

Thanks for the reply. But I need is, I need a test report with all the screen shots attached. how can I get it?

hi @Kapil_Kuriakose,

Let say you want a report in a Word file.

You can always use word application scope -

  1. Crate a new Word Document.
  2. Add the Content of the Logs.
  3. Now when you want to add Image - Load the Image to the ClipBoard from the Folder
  4. Send Hotkey Ctrl + V on word document and Save.

To load the Image in clipboard - please refer


this looks fine fore me. if you don’t mind, can I have a sample .xaml file ?

Attached is the Sample.

I am using Word Application scope here. Below is the Link to Refer.

Also, As you can see in the below screenshot - Word Scope has a activity called Add picture and append text - That is perfect for your example. I have added a sample picture from screenshots and append line to write a sample line . you can leverage the same as your requirements.


WordApplicationScope.zip (60.6 KB)