Html report is possible?

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Is it possible to get any html report as we get in selenium?

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Hi @chitra

Could you provide an example of such report and what would be your requirement?

when i run the test for coupl e of times i would want 2 capture the steps in an html file

In UiPath no such option available as per my understanding, if you want to capture the executed steps then you have to some customized component(XAML) to achieve the same.

Note, in UiPath it is very simple to write into excel comparing to html file.

Hi @chitra ,

Use rbanda.Testreport.genrator activities under custom activities in UiPath

UiPath Go link:

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yes thats what Im using, is there any ways or packages which can be used to link/append the screenshots we take to the html report? possible?? or how to use extent report here?

Pls give me some heads up in linking screenshots to the html report.

Thanks a bunch!!!

I guess yes, by using take screenshot activity you can take the screenshots of report and store ina folder. If you want more help on this @Rammohan91 can help you, please reach out to him. Thanks :grinning:

thanks i have the html report and have taken screenshots also but the question is how to have a link to the screenhots with a specific name in the html report??? the linking of screenshots in the html is what i need to know

i can find only the TestReportGenerator activities in @Rammohan91 package. i tried startTest and EndTest activities in one Test workflow, but it did not generated html and xml report. How do i genereate html and xml report?

Hey @Jeevabalan, Did you follow the exact steps mentioned in the video?

Rammohan B.

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yes, i did, still the xml or html report is not generated. how to create the main xaml? i mean the main xaml contains activities that converts the test workflows result into html or xml report. the video do not specify how the html or xml report is generated. @Rammohan91
can you share your sample project with main and test workflows. that would help a lot.

I got the report. i made a small mistake.

Is it possible to insert screenshots in html report in each tests?

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Nope. You can’t attach your screenshots for now.

Rammohan B.

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How to append test reports. Using Test Report Generator it generates a html and xml report and it is working fine. How to append test report. It is possible to append test report??

I am getting generating report in uipath but i want add failure screenshot like extent report in selenium

@Rammohan91 How to add new column in the report ? i would like to add an error message to indicate in which step it failed the test. Can you please help me with this?

@chitra @loginerror How to add new column in the report ? i would like to add an error message to indicate in which step it failed the test. Can you please help me with this?

Hi Rammohan,

The report which you have generated is from UiPath Studio, But in case where we ran a Test Suit from Orchestrator or through Jenkins, in that case i am getting xml report of Executed Test Suit, i need to get html/user readable report, any clue or any help would be heigly appreciable.


Hi Chitra,
We had similar kind of requirements where we need to capture screenshot and append for the failed Test Cases in html report.
We have customized it through java and xsl library, bundled it as runnable jar, pass the path of it in a batch file, ran it through start process activity of uipath at the end of test suit execution, which converts xml report to html report along with captured screenshot in corresponding row of failed test case.
is that logic okay to make your req successful.



We do have same requirement… Is it possible to share the logic?