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We have a large-scale project with a Key client. Their qa automation team (currently they use Selenium and some other custom tools) is asking to give details or use cases on how qa automation can be augmented with RPA, in order to increase velocity and efficiency.
Could you help me find some materials on how UiPath can be applied in that case?

Maybe someone already has experience with such project and can share the details?

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Hi @a3.savanovich

UiPath has published the below attached whitepaper to drive testing strategies. Among there (i.e. “way 4: Expand the Surface Area of Testing”) you should find hints and arguments around your initial questions.

Hope this helps!

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Hello @a3.savanovich,

First Welcome to Community Forum!

How we can differentiate UiPath Test Automation with other Automation Test tools is with

  1. its capabilities of rapid development of tets cases
  2. Integration with Applications especially with ERP applications.
  3. Incase of you have Citrix the easiest way is through UiPath.
  4. Integration with 60+ third party ALM and Test Managers.


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