Terrible accuracy when using "Find Element"


I’m trying to complete the Lesson 1 Practice 1 and I can’t get the data from the pdf. The accuracy is terribly bad.
On the first screen you can see the template I’m going to fill.

Then I press “Indicate on screen” to get the “Data” text (screenshot 2). 2

But as you can see on the third screenshot the accuracy is awful. Same goes with the “Get Text” activity. Is it possible to fix it somehow?

I can’t extract the desired data because of this thing.

If you are talking about the red rectangle on your third screenshot, that is not showing the accuracy. Screenshots are “for information purposes only”, so they might not show the exact region you selected.
After you select the date (6/6/2016) with the Get Text activity, does it output the correct value?

Thank you for your reply. It was long time ago but I mentioned that I couldn’t extract the correct data. So yeah it gave the wrong result

If possible, post a sample of what you are trying to read so other people can try with the same file.