Extracting Specific Element From Pdf

I Want to extract the specific data from pdf ,I had used the Get Text activity but when I try to print it it is showing different data not what i selected then i highlighted the selector ,total page is highlighting
can i know what may be problem ?
Any Suggestions?

Hi @Manisha541,

Refer the Shared Link :

Hi @Manisha541

Use get text with ocr it will work
Google OCR Engine


Thank You @gulshiyaa ,It is working fine with Get Text with Ocr, But i want to know why my Get text is not working properly

Because your pdf is in image.Get text will work only with text.
OCR will extract text which is in image

Thank you for Explanation:blush:

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Hello @gulshiyaa ,I am using Get Ocr text to get the text in my workflow each time when i run the workflow it is showing invalid ,even i did the repair and selected the text again after one execution run i.e if i want to run second time it is showing invalid i again want to do same repair and run
can anyone say what may be the problem ?

Can you send me your workflow

I will send u screenshot

this is my selector i had indicated it now if i want to execute then it is showing invali but the selector is not changing

I am extracting a text from image, The image will opening each time i run the workflow .So i think the invalid selector it is showing bcoz of each time the image is opening, If i indicate element again it is showing valid and i am able to run it ,It is showing Ui element cannot find error But i had observed my selector values is not changing

Plz anyone help me out to solve this@sarathi125 @Vivek.A.S @anoopap

Keep aaname as ‘*’

Why its showing 2 aaname


I dont know About it