Question on Lesson 10 - PDF's


I am working on the assignment for Lesson 10 - PDF’s of “Level 1 - Foundation Training - revamped - 2018.2”, and I have run into some problems using the “Find Element” activity while trying to do an anchor base. (The goal of the bot is to get the text associated w/ both “DATE” and “BILL TO”

Here’s what I did step by step, along w/ the problems I ran into:

  1. I double checked that the PDF’s text is in fact selectable and isn’t just a big image. (it was)
  2. I double checked that I had the PDF activities package (I did, look at image below)
  3. I attached a “Find Element” activity in the “anchor” section of the anchor base activity, but when I tried to select the “Date” element on the PDF, it only let me select the full PDF image itself and not individual elements (even though I’m able to select the text normally, indicating that it is in fact text and not one big image)

I’m really confused as to why I can’t select the element itself and as to why the full bot isn’t working even when I use find image instead

are you getting any error?, which error are you getting?

@fernando_zuluaga It won’t let me edit the post… but here’s the selection error I get even when I made sure the PDF activity package was installed:

The main problem I’m having is that I’m not able to use the Find Element to select the individual text “DATE” , even though I know that the text is selectable and not just one big image

Is it because of the type of PDF Reader I’m using to open the PDF?
I’ve been using this one:

maybe that PDF reader show the pdf using images an that’s why you can’t get the desired element, install acrobat PDF reader and try again

If the text is selectable then you can use the Read PDF Text activity and parse the string returned to get the pdf information that you need.

If I try to indicate a specific element in Acrobat Reader it prompts me to allow it to prepare the document for use with a screen magnifier. Once that finishes I can select some items individually but not all of them.