Terminal Not Connected


i have to make 300 or Upto 300 Nos of entry In IBM Mainframe System

Steps to reproduce:

Gathered the data from a excel and loop through the data and created the sequence to enter the data. this for loop is works inside the terminal session. so, only single terminal session variable is used. (As per the UiPath Recommendation).

Current Behavior:

nearly 30 records was processed correctly. after that or near to 30 records terminal session get closed.

Expected Behavior:

have to run continuously without getting error.

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:

Studio : 2016.2.6274

Last stable behavior:
Last stable version:
OS Version: Windows 7
Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc):

Error Screenshots

approval error

approval error3

IBM Client Version

ibm client version

Hi @ddrdushy1,
May i know the provider details and the mode you are choosing to connect with the terminal based application?

hi @jibanjyoti, please find the below screenshot


connection string

HI @ddrdushy1,
You have to create a session using IBM Session Manager. The profile should be saved inside “C:\Users\your_username\Documents\IBM\Client Access\Emulator\private”. Then Use an existing profile, browse and choose the .ws file under IBM Personal Communication.
Note: You have to handle the first popup using GUI Automation and after that you should start your terminal activity.


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i done that, its working nearly 30 records and get closed

By default, the connection timeout is set to 60 minutes. After that it disconnects / terminates the session automatically.
You can use the output connection property and re-use that in the field of Use Existing Connection property in next session initialization.

Hope you understood.

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thanks @jibanjyoti, I found the issue. to speed up my process I set the delay value to 30ms, this is the cause to the error, now I reset it to the default 300ms. now It’s working fine,

@badita , may I know recommended Delay value for the terminal activities like send key ,get Text and set text ?

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How will we use the connection string without opening the terminal window…

And one more thing i need to ask is how can we get the session name because it will changed.

Hi @ddrdushy,

There are no recommended values, as the behavior and speed is system dependant) screen lag can be caused by multiple things that can vary wildly from one system to another.

However, one recommendation that I have, when you have a screen transition from screen A to screen B in terminal emulator, use “Wait Screen Text” activity with a piece of text that is relevant for screen B and not screen A. This way, the robot will wait for the screen to display the expected text before continuing and you don’t need to tweak the Delays as much.

Hi @gurjeet.bedi ,

You need terminal window open in order to work with it, so use Open Application in your workflow to have it opened by the robot.
You can use connection string as a variable and set it as parameter to Terminal Session if you need to.

There is no sure way to query the short session name if this varies when you open the Terminal Emulator. In most cases it should be static and set in Terminal Emulator’s configuration.

However, in most cases, the short session letter should be displayed in Terminal Emulator’s screen in the lowest row or the lower bar and then you might be able to scrape it from there. The exact location depends a lot on Terminal Emulator type and version. In some terminal emulators (BOSaNOVA for instance), the short session name is not actually displayed anywhere.