Terminal Session - Activities inside terminal session, Dynamic Session, Sign on Prompt

I’m currently trying to sign on IBM from IBM personal communication through profile as don’t have ehllapi dll

but Terminal Session are not able to sign on(type into) pop up when profile is set to prompt every time

what ive tried
separating terminal session with output connection to save the connection (thus empty terminal session, just to get the ibm sign on prompt) and then outside the terminal session use type into activity to fill in the sign on

but this result in an error and then the terminal becomes not responding and force closed.

then when i run the automation the session changed to session B and no longer session A. session A cannot be closed even manually from IBM emulator.

Questions :-

  1. is dynamic terminal session possible?
  2. is there a way to fill in sign on prompt ?
  3. is it possible to add other activities and why is it not working when i tried to add log message activities inside terminal session activities?

Ok, so how i fixed the issue was

  1. Start Session manually (which can be automated through open application activity in UiPath)
  2. Then do Ui Automation
  3. Fill in Username and password via type into activity
  4. Then once signed in
  5. Drag terminal session to UiPath
  6. Select provider to IBM EHLL to C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Client Access\Emulator\PCSHLL3.dll
  7. Then from there you can start automating terminal…

New Questions :-

  1. Close connection is not working? or disconnect outside terminal session activity?


You can try using UIPath AI computer vision. It supports RDP, it should also recognize terminal sessions and user controls.


Hi thank you for the input, but I’ve always had problem connecting to CV as I’m on a closed network.

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