Tenants not visible in the Production environment in the host


If i manually search for the Tenant in host login its visible, but if i click Tenant page "An error has occurred " issue is coming


Vinoth kumar.S

We need to check whether we are given with access to view them
Check once with roles in the user option
Cheers @vikumars1

Hi Palaniyappan,


i’m using admin account

Then we must be able to
May I know the navigation steps you followed to get the first image and the second image page
Cheers @vikumars1

Hi Palaniyappan,

I logged in the production URL using admin account under the host

After that i clicked the Tenant Tab on the left side , it throws an error “An error has occurred” .
Expected result : It should display entire Tenants already configured

In the second image , i tried searching with the name of the Tenant it’s displaying correctly .

Hmm, interesting
This is something I haven’t seen
If it’s a enterprise version kindly raise a ticket to our uipath technical team

But before that restart your machine and try connecting to your orchestrator

Cheers @vikumars1