Tenants in Orchestrator

When configuring Orchestrator, it’s possible to setup tenants. In the course it is mentioned that you can do this for different departmnet, like HR or IT. But it is meant for testing, UAT and production environment as well?

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Hi @NielsOlsen
The Simple answer is Yes

There are 2 Options you have
2. Units (Folders)

If you doing the department segregation i recommended use Units(Folders)
This Units means the old version doesn’t have the folders like 19.4 its had only units , as new versions of folders , units are act like same

You can use separate Tenant for your Testing , UAT and PROD
and you can use folders(Creating multiple folders for HR ,IT , Finance ) in the same tenant to separate the departments

Brilliant, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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You are always welcome :+1:

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